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Is That For a Dog Food Company?

Identity design is one of the most challenging mediums to work in. The communication of the nature of someone’s business is a very personal type of design. Many times, the logo mark doesn’t accurately communicate the type of business the mark is meant to express. Let’s explore that void a little today. You’ll need an additional willing participant for this exercise. Each of you grab a separate magazine that can be cut up, and keep which magazine you are using a secret. As each of you go through your magazine, cut out logos you find without the name of the company attached, just the mark itself. As you do this, write down what company and industry the mark is for. Try to find between five and ten examples. When you have completed this, either paste the marks up on a piece of paper or lay them out on a desk. Have your counterpart attempt to define the industry or company associated with each mark. Then you do the same with the marks he/she cut out. Notice how good design communicates a great deal about the company. We strive to communicate in the most effective ways in each opportunity we are given.

Photograph your two logo sheets and post them on our facebook page or tweet them mentioning @theshapeof. We’ll pick our favourite and the winner will receive an amazon gift card worth £50. Closing date October 31st 2013.


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